Monday, August 20, 2012

Brigham City -Temple Open House

We were able to go to Utah this weekend and spend some time with Nate's cousin and his family. It was a great weekend!!! Luke and Bethany have s little girl that is only a couple months younger than Danica. Leading up to leaving and getting to their house everything was "Sophie" this and that. Danica loves her south. They played and played and played some more. We played in the water outside, and the liitle kitchen inside. They were a hoot to watch. Little fights here and there, but overall they had a great time.
We attended the temple open house on Saturday. It was beautiful!!!!!! Can't wait to go back again.
We are home now and laundry is going. Now for a new work week.
On another good, but sad note.... Michelle and Steve moved to Utah this past week. Sad but good for so many reasons. Steve found multiple jobs, they found a place to live, and the best of all...... It is in UTAH!!!! Not halfway across the country. Our prayers were answered!
On Friday, we are going to a special event at ISU. Ryan was nominated and chosen as one of the recipients of a special award as a person of Idaho. More details and pics after we attend.
So until a little later... I will keep the posts coming.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your eyes are not deceiving you.....

I may be able to do this more often now.... maybe... I figured out my password!!!!!
And I can post updates from my phone. Wahoo!!!!

So much has happened, but here is the real quick recap of the last year.
1. My brother Ryan was killed in early December 2011. Still extremely painful. Miss him so much.
2. I quit Melaleuca.
3. Work at for my brother-in-law....and Nate works there as well.
4. We have started... And almost completed putting up our fence.
5. Danica is growing like a weed! Trying to potty train now. She is already 2 and a half.....where has time gone!!!!
6. Summer is almost over. :(

Now to figure out how to post pics.....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recent Events

Last night we took our nightly walk around the yard.Danica was playing with Fred and she decided to drink water just like Fred. It was really cute! She was soaked by the end.
This morning, we got the last couple of items hung in her room and also had some pudding. She was a MESS so I gave her a bath. We then went out to watch a movie and she was out within just a couple of minutes. So cute!!!! I love my little girl so much!